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E-business has profoundly changed sales processes and purchasing behavior. Although e-business is a hot new sector, it remains little-known. And yet, if there’s one qualification with real career prospects, it’s that of IT specialists applied to the use of the Internet as a global business tool. E-Business refers to any commercial activity developed or operated via the Internet. Primarily using new information and communication technologies (NICT), e-business adds a new dimension to a company’s relations with its customers and partners.x

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Dublin, Berlin, Malta, New York, London

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The professional certification of Manager des Organisations is registered with the RNCP by CDE FEDE FRANCE and recognized by the State at level 7.

European E-business Master’s delivered by the Federation for European  (FEDE).

Certification recognized by the French Ministry of Vocational Training and registered in the France Compétences directory.

Fiche RNCP n° 35280, registered on February 10, 2021; Code 310 : Spécialités plurivalentes des échanges et de la gestion.

Link to state-approved diploma data sheet



Understand the digital ecosystem and develop your business using digital levers.

Master the technical, marketing, communication and logistical aspects of e-business with a view to developing the company’s digital strategy.

Use digital tools to implement a business development strategy.

Manage digital projects, in particular e-commerce sites (from website creation to the implementation of webmarketing campaigns, right through to the monitoring of performance indicators).


A European Master’s degree from FEDE opens the door to new opportunities and an international professional network.
The European Master’s in International Business Management prepares future professionals from FEDE schools for positions as :

  • Digital Director
  • E-commerce manager
  • Digital Customer Experience Director
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Digital strategy manager
  • E-commerce manager
  • Digital strategy consultant
  • E-business sales engineer
  • Community Manager


Training equivalent to any other RNCP Level 7 diploma in the fields of sales, marketing and management.
More information on other diplomas available at https://www.francecompetences.fr

Possible crossover

Training available in 12 months after a validated bac+4
or 24 months after a validated bac+3 (or any other level 6 diploma)

Initial training or alternating work-study (contrat de professionnalisation or stage alterné)
VAE possible (contact the recruitment department)


Year 1 & 2

Year 1 & 2
Implementing a digital strategy

Digital culture and management

Management, web project management and strategic management of digital companies

Professional practice

Business, competition and Europe

Modern European languages

Assessment methods

Year 1 :
Continuous assessment
Final written and oral tests and MCQs at the end of the year
Written activity report and oral presentation
Group work / Business Game

Year 2 :
Continuous assessment
Final written and oral tests and MCQs at the end of the year
Written professional thesis and oral defense
Group work / Business Game

Skills blocks

You can validate one or more blocks of skills independently by referring to the France Compétences sheet and contacting the school by telephone or e-mail to study the feasibility for you.

Link to the RNCP sheet

Diploma advantages

Diploma prepared and validated

European Master’s in E-Business and Digital Communication offered in dual certification by the Federation for European Education.

Entry level / Prerequisites

Training available in 24 months after obtaining a validated Bac+3 or other Level 6 diploma.

Training available in 12 months after a validated Bac+4 (bridging study compulsory, contact the director for a personalized validation appointment).

Training available through VAE, more information from the FEDE.

Teaching methods

500 hours of theory per year
Classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, i.e. 16 hours a week

Initial or work-study course (24 month apprenticeship or professionalization contract).
If initial training, compulsory 12 week internship per year in a company.

Entrance fees

80€ entrance exam fee
490€ application fee (if successful)

Diploma fees

Initial course: €9500 per year of training
Work-study course: Formation paid for by the OPCO for students on apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.

Double diploma (RNCP + European diploma from the European Federation of Schools)