Joining ESC is a unique experience !

Our campus has several classrooms set up in a conducive teaching environment for a quality learning experience. All the classrooms are equipped with the necessary teaching facilities: dry-erase boards, projectors and available internet connection throughout the establishment. Students study in professional conditions, with office chairs and microphones provided at their desks.

2 break rooms equipped with sofas, board games, vending machines, hot drinks and a lunch room, are available for students who wish to utilize them.

See the campus in pictures 

Located in the tri-border region, students at ESC are offered diversed opportunities to prepare for their professional future. With borders close to Switzerland and Germany, the school offers a trinational cursus allowing our students to work on – and perfect – their German.

The campus is easily accessible by public transportation and by car;
With a private parking lot for visitors and students.

For lunch, 2 break rooms with microwaves and refrigerators are available to students. Other food outlets can be found nearby as well.

The Student Body

ESC has its own student body. An Association, managed and ran by the President and his team, who organises numerous events for all students, including :

Integration week-end

Business meeting

Teambuilding activities

Community projects