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BTS in Operational Sales Management


Graduates of the BTS in Operational Sales Management (MCO) are expected to take operational responsibility for all or part of a sales unit. A sales unit is a physical and/or virtual place where potential customers can access a range of products or services.

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Dublin, Berlin, Malta, New York, London

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BTS Operational Sales Management issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Level 5 diploma. Fiche RNCP N°38362 registered on December 11, 2023.

NSF Code: 310 Spécialités plurivalentes des échanges et de la gestion

312 : Commerce, sales

Link to state-approved diploma data sheet



BTS MCO graduates work with current and potential customers. It varies according to the structure, missions and status of the organization employing them. BTS MCO graduates master the essential techniques of operational management, management and sales promotion. They apply their communication skills to their day-to-day work.

They make constant use of digital applications and technologies, as well as information processing tools.

Their professional activities require compliance with legislation, rules of ethics and deontology. They are also part of a constant concern to combat all forms of professional discrimination, protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development.


  • Sales and service advisor
  • Sales consultant
  • E-commerce sales consultant
  • Account manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Assistant manager
  • Department assistant
  • Local business unit manager


Year 1 & 2


Developing customer relations and consultative selling

Marketing and sales promotion

Operational management

Sales team management


General culture and expression

Modern language (English)

Economic, legal and managerial culture

Assessment methods

Final exams

Mock exams and preparatory orals

Group work

Competency blocks

You can validate one or more blocks of skills independently by referring to the France Compétences sheet and contacting the school by telephone or e-mail to study the feasibility for you.

Link to the RNCP sheet 


Diploma advantages

Diploma prepared and validated

BTS Operational Sales Management issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Level 5 diploma. RNCP code 38362. NSF Code 310, 312

Equivalence: Training equivalent to any other Level 5 diploma in the field of commerce. More information on available diplomas here

Entry level / Prerequisites

Training available in 24 months after obtaining a vocational, technological or general baccalaureate, or any other Level 4 diploma.

Training accessible via VAE. Further information on vae.gouv.fr


Teaching methods

1350 hours of theory for the two years.

16 hours per week (Monday & Tuesday).

Exclusively a work-study course (24-month apprenticeship or professionalization contract).

Entrance fees

Free registration based on application and interview.

Diploma fees

Apprenticeship training paid for by the OPCO of the student’s host company.