For students of the European Masters in International Business Management, it is important to understand the international environment in which companies evolve, in order to anticipate developments and changes and enable the company to be proactive in the face of challenges linked to the globalization of economies.

He/she must be able to understand the different strategies that the company can implement with a view to its international development. They must also be able to identify the various risks and propose ways of guaranteeing and protecting the company’s operations.

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This professional certification is registered with the RNCP and recognized by the French government at level 7.

Fiche RNCP n° 35280, registered on February 10, 2021; Code 310 : Spécialités plurivalentes des échanges et de la gestion.

Link to state-approved diploma data sheet

European Master’s degree in International Business Management and professional certification in Organizational Management, awarded by the FEDE (Diploma under Swiss law).

European Master’s degree in International Business Management offered in dual certification by the Federation for European Education.

Professional certification accessible through VAE



Participate in determining the company’s international development strategy
Manage customer and/or supplier files, as well as relations with sales networks
Be able to handle international calls for tender and manage supply relations with suppliers
Be able to manage and steer project and product teams with various internal and external players
Monitor innovation projects
Analyze and assess credit and currency risks
Be able to advise and make proposals to the corporate network on international issues
Optimize the processing of international operations, taking into account the bank’s profitability and risks.
know how to physically move products across continents
master the financial and tax steps involved in crossing borders


A European Master’s degree from FEDE opens the door to new opportunities and an international professional network.
The European Master’s in International Business Management prepares future professionals from FEDE schools for positions as :

  • International director/manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • International product development manager
  • Export zone manager
  • International business manager
  • International back office manager
  • Operational buyer
  • International service provider for an
  • OTM
  • Customer manager for an AEO

Target skills

Develop and communicate an organization’s global strategy:

Construct a global perspective of the organization’s activities in order to identify its potential and room for maneuver.
Assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the risks and opportunities of the business sector, in order to ensure its proper positioning in the medium and long term.
Define strategic objectives and corresponding action plan
Present strategic and financial orientations with the help of the business plan to the various stakeholders
Formulate and articulate the organization’s strategic vision in terms of corporate culture, values and image.
Formalize the general policy for allocating material, human and financial resources
Disseminate the strategy and roadmap to the organization’s business units and key functions.

Manage the implementation of an organization’s global strategy:

Manage the organization’s structural operations to ensure its long-term viability
Steering the organization’s development, particularly in a European and international context, and managing change
Manage the organization’s financial strategy to ensure profitability
Define and implement project management and monitoring indicators
Optimize tools, methods and processes on the basis of intermediate results, deviations or unforeseen circumstances.
Manage the implementation of a continuous improvement and problem-solving approach

Manage teams:

Mobilize teams around the organization’s projects and values
Build team loyalty and unity through management adapted to the challenges of sustainable development
Supervise team activities to ensure a stable social climate
Define a social policy that takes into account the challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the management of multicultural teams.
Ensure compliance with labor law, workplace safety and social protection rules and obligations.
oversee the management of skills and professions in order to anticipate and monitor the company’s strategic developments


Training equivalent to any other RNCP Level 7 diploma in the fields of sales, marketing and management.
More information on other diplomas available at

Possible crossover

Training available in 12 months after a validated bac+4 

or 24 months after a validated bac+3 (or any other level 6 diploma)

Initial training or alternating work-study (contrat de professionnalisation or stage alterné) 

VAE possible (contact the recruitment department)


Year 1 & 2

The purchasing function
International purchasing strategy
Supplier relationship management
The international supply chain
Supplier risk management
Purchasing performance management

Internal growth strategy
External growth strategy
Business intelligence

Corporate management and European business law
Strategic development on the international market
Business development within a European and international legal and regulatory framework


Assessment methods

Year 1 :
Continuous assessment
Final written and oral tests and MCQs at the end of the year
Written activity report and oral presentation
Group work / Business Game

Year 2 :
Continuous assessment
Final written and oral tests and MCQs at the end of the year
Written professional thesis and presentation
Group work / Business Game

Skills blocks

You can validate one or more blocks of skills independently by referring to the France Compétences sheet and contacting the school by telephone or e-mail to study the feasibility for you.

Link to the RNCP sheet

Diploma advantages

Diploma prepared and validated

European Master’s in International Business Management offered in dual certification by the Federation for European Education.

Entry level / Prerequisites

Training available in 24 months after obtaining a validated Bac+3 or other Level 6 diploma.

Training available in 12 months after a validated Bac+4 (bridging study compulsory, contact the director for a personalized validation appointment).

Training available through VAE, more information from the FEDE.

Teaching methods

500 hours of theory per year
Classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, i.e. 16 hours a week

Initial or work-study course (12 or 24 month apprenticeship or professionalization contract). If initial training, compulsory 6 week internship between the first and second years, and 12 weeks on the job in the third year.

Entrance fees

80 € entrance exam fee
490 € application fee (if successful)

Diploma fees

Initial course: €9500 for each year of training
Work-study course: Formation paid for by the OPCO for students on apprenticeship or professionalization contracts.

Double diploma (RNCP + European diploma from the European Federation of Schools)