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The holder of a BTS Communication is trained to excel in the field of communications within companies, communications agencies or the media. This versatile professional needs to master a range of skills, from writing and public speaking to social media management and visual media creation. Knowledge of contemporary tools, an understanding of advertising techniques, the ability to manage communications projects and a flair for creative analysis are key elements of their training. Graduates must also have good interpersonal skills, collaborating effectively in a team while understanding the cultural and economic challenges of their sector.

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BTS Communication awarded by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Level 5 diploma. Title RNCP : 37198 registered on January 09, 2023.

NSF Code 320: Communication and information specialties.

Link to state-approved diploma data sheet




The BTS Communication diploma trains professionals capable of contributing to the definition and implementation of the communication strategy of the organization in which they work. Their mission is to design and implement communications operations (advertising, events, relational) in a variety of contexts: commercial, institutional, social.


  • Manager in communication
  • Communication assistant
  • Press attaché
  • Graphic designer 
  • Community manager
  • Webmarketing manager


Year 1 & 2


Contribute to the development and management of the communication strategy
Take charge of the advertiser’s requirements
Drawing up a communication plan in a digital environment
Manage the communication plan.

Design and implement communication solutions
Use creative and technological intelligence to meet demand
Create content and communication solutions
Produce, distribute, monitor and evaluate communication solutions
Purchase services

Support the development of innovative media and digital solutions
Collect, analyze and disseminate information on developments in the media and digital ecosystem
Build and position an innovative media and digital offering
Support sales teams in developing innovative media and digital solutions
Advise advertisers


Cultures of communication
Conceptualizations of communication
Critical analysis of targets, advertisers, advertising messages and media
Production of advertising messages

Economic, legal and managerial culture
Make use of economic, legal and managerial documents
Propose reasoned solutions using economic, legal and managerial concepts
Establish a diagnosis in preparation for strategic decision-making

Foreign language 1
Reinforcement of linguistic skills related to the professional field
Training in information gathering and processing
Producing written work
Oral production and interaction

Assessment methods

Final exams
Mock exams and preparatory orals
Group work

Blocks of skills

You can validate one or more blocks of skills independently by referring to the France Compétences sheet and contacting the school by telephone or e-mail to study the feasibility for you.

Link to the RNCP sheet 


Diploma advantages

Diploma prepared and validated

BTS Communication issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Level 5 diploma. RNCP Code 37198. NSF Code 320

Equivalence : Training equivalent to any other Level 5 diploma in the field of commerce. More information on diplomas available here


Entry level / Prerequisites

Training available in 24 months after obtaining a vocational, technological or general baccalaureate, or any other Level 4 diploma.

Training accessible via VAE. Further information on vae.gouv.fr

Teaching methods

1350 hours of theory for the two years.

16 hours per week (Monday & Tuesday).

Exclusively a work-study course (24-month apprenticeship or professionalization contract).

Entrance fees

Free registration based on application and interview.

Diploma fees

Apprenticeship training paid for by the OPCO of the student’s host company.